Sunday, November 16, 2008

Trevors #3 - storm before the ice age is arriving

Sunday morning, again Py got out for Trevors ride. It started out already with some strong head wind going west to the start. This day steady West wind of 22..25mph with gusts up to 45mph was expected.

A good sized early group got a head start of over 18minutes today, before Py within the about 10 riders counting faster groups rolled out. They were flying out West over the hills and South with reasonable efforts with an average of 36.7km/h at the turn into Osborne from there going South with strong Cross Winds at over 38km/h until the turned more West with varying strong head winds, still going at 34.3km/h -- thanks to our strong guys in front pushing so much air, Py kept it safe, just a few not to long pulls and hiding behind some of the big strong guys :-)

So they came back at a quite good time...

Today Py took a break with some of the others with an very good Cinnamon Raisin Bagel at Bagels and a Hole lot more or such place -- this should take care of the low on energy problem he had last time going home -- and so he flew home with tail wind today ;-)

Stopped for some goodies at Tildas and was early, meaning just finished 14 points so far, stuffed the goods he got into his rear pocket and headed little further East, passing or flying by two other rides and turning back into old Rocky Point at the East End, winding back towards home with a few scenic detours adding quite a good number of elevation meter gains...

Todays stats:

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