Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Radquer | Cyclocross day

At Veteran's day Py went out for an alternative training ride on his Stonbite Cross Velo and headed towards CP to meet with Craig and Karl for a few CP laps. A crisp clear windy and chilly day, great warm in the sun, pretty chilly in the shade and on open wind exposed areas.

Also this was an experiment to do the whole trail with all diamonds on his Stonie Cross, but was 100% ridable and flying on the very few smoother straits... Basically skill and traction limited, sliding on tonns on leaves and bouncing over hidden roots. May be little less tire pressure would have done good. But it was all fun and a great workout, no troubles at all.

Here the most active three of the WP team so far... 11 good well earned points today.

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