Sunday, November 02, 2008

Trevors race (ride) #1

The first Sunday of November kicked off the change from EBs to Trevors route or ride... same core riders, hillier route, no stop, similar distance, later start at 8:30 for the winter season.

This morning and basically all day it was pretty chilly, clear sky and windy, 4C as Py left his house to ride the 16km on mostly North Country to the start in Port Jeff at 112. He got quickly to the start and was early, he had tail wind.

All he got were a few photos of the riders at the start -- the assembled riders were mostly some of the stronges out here on LI -- getting interesting...

From Trevors

So far so good, 8:30 they rolled out of the parking lot and got moving pretty fast for the first section out easy on North Country, flying over the seamingly not existing hills, Py felt good so far and was may be little too excited and took some good pulls... they passed some riders fixing (a flat?) of the 8:12 started group. Pulling again out to Boy-Scout-Hill into the wind little too long, Py got little behind but caught back up to the little slowing group shortly before Osborne.
Turning into Osborne with some tail wind (12mph NNE) they started racing at up/over 50km/h what did gave Py a hard time to hang on, not yet recovered from the catch up and as they aproached the light at Old Country he still was close, the group passed the light just at the end of the green phase and Py lost even more time at the red light :-(
In the mean while Py joined up with S. who also got behind. They continued as a duo team, so that was good. On mill they caught two more dropped riders, one was K. They just tagged on... Taking turns again on Mill, a differen slower group ride came along opposide direction on mill, telling they were 30sec behind -- well, true or not, no way to catch up with the "big" guys.

Two riders bailed out (home?) early, so only K. and Py were left, Py took one long pull the long way back back to North Country, from where he rode back this same road again as he came, roade out and now back. It seamed the arctic cold wind was always in Pys face and it did not warmed up at all.

The Ride stats - almost 70mi:

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