Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day RP2IPBP Variant

Thanksgiving day ride. Not much going on this day, some more easy ride from Wadingriver, partly en route RP2IPBP. Py decided to ride there and join the group for a while, then after Boyscout hill he left the group and proceeded on RP2IPBP route, as they rode on strait at Sound Ave to the Beach. He had a few more miles and was not sure if he would catch up at the beach.

However, no one there, they must have left already, as he saw wet bike tire marks on the road shortly before the turn to the beach at this tiny kind of river passing...

So he took a quick rest as he made some TT out there before proceeding. Interestingly, on Middle Country they cough up to Py who was going little more moderate pace and they must have taken some different route there. Proceeding to Riverhead looking for some bagel place -- closed.

Different bagel place on Mill/58 -- success. Some longer coffee and warm up break, as it was uncomfy freekn' cold outside, just not not freezing, but humid and windy.

From here, Py decided to return by himself via original RP2IPBP route, he got some what cold, even working hard and having on his neoprene booties. Some good workout with varying intensity.

Some how not optimal, cold. He did not felt so well next day and stayed mostly home.

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