Sunday, November 09, 2008

Trevors #2

2nd Sunday of November, means Trevors ride #2. So Py got up little past 6am got ready by 7:35 and rolled out and pushed up this steep hill in front of his house... some what not feeling so well today, tiered and little low on energy, may be low on sugar? However, he got to the start in the usual 35 min, so all must be normal enough.

The early group was almost ready to go as he arrived...

So what, let's chill out 15 more minutes in teh nice early morning sun -- seams like getting a great day. The chase group... just a few riders so far.

The group grew up to nine riders if Py remembers right. 8:33 -- they rolled out and kept moving nicely constant good pace, as Py did felt little weired this morning, he played as smart as reasonable and just stayed very shortly at front or just kept hiding from the wind more behind. This worked out great all the way :-)

On Mill Rd the eary group came into sight and they passed them, a few riders tagged on and kept going the faster pace. Also K tagged on, he gained one more point for starting out slow, as funny as it is... so what, Py was feeling little better after finishing up one more Clif bar and completed the group ride today all teh way back to PJ/112 instead of bailing East on North Country.

Here K & C back at the start.

What a day. Py rode back at decent pace, but a few miles before home he all sudden run really low on fuel... and was going at some emergeny pace for the last few minutes and made it to Tildas. Got a bad of goodies and a piece of Rasberry Crum Cake -- this was dedicated to be finishged on the spot -- that helped a lot and he got back enough power to finish up the ride and make the 15 points for today -- one more hill lap.

Ride stats:

Total: 3h46:37, 119 km, 882 m elev gain, 146 bpm avg / 179 bpm max, 83 rpm, 68.6 km/h max, 31.5 km/h avg, 4200 cal.

Group Lap: 2h:21:17, 85 km, 502 m elev gain, 156 bpm avg / 179 bpm max, 91 rpm, 68.6 km/h max, 36.2 km/h avg, 3092 cal

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