Sunday, November 16, 2008

About this WP Points

Py may need to explain... what all these WP point are all about.

1st) WP = Winterpokal = Winter-Cup
2nd) WP is a online challenge of members of the IBC (Internet Bike Community), originated in Germany, however, Py is member since long. So members are asked to form teams of five riders to just keep up biking (including other activities) over the winter season and getting rewaded points for activities following a simple scheme and by time.
3nd) Team member can compare each other and may get motivated to do a little extra lap to finish up that one more point... and all teams are also ranked over all. There is also some best team price....

Points are rewareded by mainly by time:

Each finished 15min biking block = 1 point -- i.e. 3:10 hours biking = 12 points, finish that more 5 mins and get 13point. Equivalent to biking is only Cross Country Skiing if there is snow..., indoor biking/rollers/etc. also counts. (Computer moving time counts)

Running, 20min block = 1 point.

Any other activity of 30min or more (vollyball, swimming, gym, ....)  counts 2 points fixed.

That's all about it, here is the current situation:

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