Friday, July 01, 2011

Friday Night Kreb Cycle Race -- all or nothing

6:25pm again Firday evening A race -- interesting group, at least two CAT 2 racers Jeff&Jeff in the field. Just three GABs. Pretty early a 1st break took off, Karl made it in there. The field kept moving fast and actually got them back but not even a lap later a 2nd final break went again Karl got into it again, nice. Py was working little too much but felt good staying in the top few riders more up front all the time. Still moving pretty good. Approaching the end of the climb towards the last bell lap out of 23 laps Py tried to break away from the field two riders Paul and one more caught up to him at the fast back stretch of the loop but they were not able or committing to work even there was a decent gap -- Py thinks this could have worked out, well, he just was sick of falling back to the field and put in what was left holding a gap just until 1/2 way up towards the turn to the finish line as the flied sprint passed by. Well -- all or nothing.

Was a pretty fast circling of the school:

Did Py even mentionednd -- going fast in circles is boring and tedious. But a good workout.

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