Sunday, November 27, 2011

KPCX №1 + CX MTB bike ride to North Port ↷ Turkey Takeoff

KPCX №1. Last day of the Rapha Turkey Takeoff. Py sigend up for the Kreb Cycle  Kings Park "Psychic" CX series which started this Sunday, held at Nissequogue River Park, NY. Not that he did not know that riding nearly 250 miles in 3 days and attempting to race CX on day 4 is pretty much incompatible, but did it either way -- well, kind off. Warming up, already suffering a bit, but after three laps the legs felt a bit better and flushed clear, warm now. 10 minutes to take off. A mixed field raced out of a grassy wide open run way like area. Some what in a reasonable matching position. Just out of the grass one rider managed to run into the tape on the right edge of some shoulder/curb and tumbled over his bike -- not sure why -- hope he is alright. Next up to the 1st barrier, a few slick areas and turns to watch out for as he scouted out at warm up. No problem so far. Moving on good, passing a few riders on the fast back stretch -- that's where Py's MTB-CX Cobalt excels -- need to be fast. Some back and forth on the energy absorbing grass... Flying on the short road part and them at the U-turn a GAB/team mate rider down, not looking alright. Race got stopped. Ambulance....

Later the just started race was started again for a little shortened time or about one lap less. Py decided not tot start racing again today -- period.

So that's why you got now some photos of the "2nd" race:


Now this race finished without further complications -- good. Congratulations to our two strongest riders Bob and Brian of the days in a major break away!

Some small talk after the race, helping rolling up a section of tape. BTW, I loved seeing the dedication the one young rider put into very neatly rolling up some tape, not many would do so ;-) Having a banana... and heading out for a post "race" ride to complete this Rapha Turkey Takeoff thing as the few CX laps did not really did the trick. A pretty much quite and enjoyable ride on his MTB-CX bike out to North Port and a little sight seeing of some places he had never been so far -- just following his "nose" and a few simple instructions by Mark.... Biggest motivation of the day to find a good Cappuccino and some snack at this Coffee Shop in North Port.

No race, but a few more good miles and climbs for Karl -- he pointed this whole thing out to me, feel better soon! -- and hey, finished the 9,000 kcal Turkey Takeoff  about here -- the return was bonus.

You did it!

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9,417 calories burned
Rapha Thanksgiving Challenge Results

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