Sunday, November 20, 2011


Day 1+2 of Withmore Super Cyclocross Cup in Eisenhaur Park. Py again raced both days, little tiered from some long hours working, just made it Saturday morning. Finishing both races Sat+Sun and not get'n lapped and no issues -- so far so good, good training, fun days. Looks like a real CX bike would be really good for better handling of that kind of course. East Ender racers doing pretty good!

Enjoy assorted photos...


DSC_2193.JPG DSC_2326.JPG DSC_2437.JPG DSC_2533.JPG DSC_2545.JPG DSC_2155.JPG DSC_2055.JPG DSC_2009.JPG DSC_1921.JPG DSC_1869.JPG CXbikesVD_pregamma_0_515_reinhard02_key_0_18_phi_1.jpg

few random photos of the womens and masters races:


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