Sunday, November 13, 2011

Trevors #2? - no, no Trevor. Bagel ride? - no, no bagel :-( GAB ride? 7/8!

Trevor ride on Sunday. Getting up, getting ready, getting there. The early B group just came up the road as Py rolled into town to the start. Meting more or less only his team mates, Ryan and two RPC guys. Starting on time. Working good on NC... C had some issue with a loose screw on his cleats and we all stopped. RPC guys went ahead... Ryan came up the road on Boyscouts hill passed by.... We meet him later at this light. Cut off 1/2 of "LI Battenkill Road" and pulled back home -- virtually a GAB ride only -- seven out of eight -- good  showing. One more stop for Chris to work on his cleat -- fix that up right at home -- use a torque wrench and forget about trouble a like for ever!



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