Sunday, November 06, 2011

Trevors No. 1 -- "Battenkill road"

First Sunday of November -- also time change back to "normal" giving an extra hours, gonna be a long day -- Trevors Ride takes over. A slight chill in the morning air and some frosty spots on the way to the start. But it is warming up fast and while waiting at the start for everyone to roll in and get ready it even felt hot in the sun already -- nice!  The "B" group left 8:17 and a growing good group waited until almost 8:35 for the last one to get on his bike. A new main road, a huge new curb and still road work on the minor roads leading out.


   Nice pace moving out good work on this one climb and moving on, effortless flying South. Few debates to go around or go for the little CX one of the roads recently was turning into dirt. Just get yourself a little room ahead of the group for maneuvering and finding the best line. However, same clues by Jeff, Karl and two more riders going a little ahead. Looking back at the end of the dirt section no one was in sight, big gap -- weird, and the four others a few bike length ahead -- great, Py loves getting in between into no riders land...  "Battenkill road" split up on Trevors #1 -- group ride was over from then on and the work began... chasing Jeff and a three more (he knew this would be pointless unless they ease up a little), he got closer but game over soon, the chase got totally screwed by traffic making a turn impossible for at least 15 sec.... tried now, but lost sight of them, kept rolling but no group behind either, just one rider, Owen came up after a while and we finished the whole ride together -- doing a lot of work and major pulls into the wind with a little occasional recovery behind Owen. Thinking for a few seconds at the turn on North Country about riding all the way back to the bagel place -- but way to tired and decided to roll home.

What happened behind, mechanical, flat???

Mark yeah, I got a flat on the rough stuff and then ran out of gas.

A few nice late fall views on the last miles:


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