Saturday, November 12, 2011

SICX 4.0

NYC's only CycloCross event SICX -- happened just this Saturday -- the 4th event so far like this at Wolfe's Pond Park on Staten Island. The first CX of 2011 for Py to kick off the CX season. Signed in at the Masters race starting 8:45am he had to get up a little early to get there in time but easy driving that time. Stopping at some random Dunk'in Donats on Staten Island to grab a coffee and find a convenient bathroom before the race.

Arriving at the race, signing in and getting this special edition classic hat :-) Talking to Paul&Carol and a few others. Getting ready and checking out this years race layout. Same great features, seamed they needed to re-routed a bit and added a few turns in the woods -- mostly because of massive recent storm damages and fallen big trees. Also a gigantic pile of wood on one of the parking lots.
Staging. Some where at the end due to lack of CX points...  and off they go around the first turns and over the barriers heading to the beach section running fast and passing art least one. Exiting and passing more riders already moving up one by one just at the start. Must have taken a turn from pavement onto dirt little too hot with possibly some sand in the threads plus not the newest tire either. His bike just slid away under him turning starting still on pavement sliding/skidding part sideways onto the dirt. Getting up -- finding this damn chain jammed at the bottom braked having a little hard time to get it free and back on. Back on, now chasing back on again hard giving all at the technical dirt section... and picking up riders again, alright -- let the fun begin again. Lap 2. Lap 3... about 1/2 way or little more -- at 25 minutes into the 40min race his front tire went flat. With no spares -- DNF. Little disappointed leaving the race putting the bike away. Well, it's a great day out here and he planned to stay all day either way to watch and few of his team mates were expected for the later races. Cleaning up himself -- collected a little dust at the spill. Taking the camera out. But hey, two East Enders placed well in the masters -- congratulations! See here for photos by Anthony S. of the Masters race!


East End Women at the Women's race -- congratulations to Tori for taking 2nd!


More fun, kids race...

Single speed, tandem race with some acrobatic finish celebration, Pro races, etc...


Later on the CAT4 race... a huge bunch of 100 racers -- generating a massive "traffic jam" at the first run over the barriers:


Congratulations to GAB Karl for his great job passing up to 4th place from far behind!

ACTION GO... enjoy:

Great event again! Thanks to all for making it happen again! Free waffles next time?????

PS: HR Movie

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