Friday, November 25, 2011

Wicked ride

Post Turkey Day Ride. Nothing better to do than to ride early out to Kreb Cycle for the Friday Kreb ride. A little chilly at 7:30 with 4..5C but the sun was already feeling great. A shorty of ride. Basically a figure 8 ride, big group, partially fast with a lot of stopping. Short fun. Back at Kreb's a visit of the shop and a little snack -- Pancakes :-)

Then making up a little extra loop for the return with John. What a nice day -- warmed up to 18C!


85 miles  [[(9000-5964)cal / 36 (cal/mi)]] to go.

November 23-27th

Rapha Turkey Takeoff Challenge

5,964 calories burned
Rapha Thanksgiving Challenge Results

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