Saturday, November 26, 2011

RP2IPBP-JP recovery spin

IMG_4153.JPG61 miles for recovery today. This amazing long weekend is getting even nicer day by day. Back to Py's RP2IPBP ride in a little new modified version ramped to 61miles. Already 12°C at 8:45am and expecting near 20°C towards noon! At the Tildas back lot a few riders already preparing as Py rolled in one new face in Leopard Trek outfit - Ryan. The pan was to manage a high efficient spin and team ride. Rolling out, gentle warmup on NC, easy spin on the hills. Little reminding the group to work together -- from then one great smooth work. JL been late catching up on the fly cutting of and meet us right on time as we merged onto Sound Ave -- team of 7 riders now. Even managed a tight group all the way down and up on Boy-Scout Hill -- very good boys! With little cross/tail wind flying out to the Iron Pear Beach Park.

IMG_4156.JPGMoving on. Cutting over via James Port to Early Birds North Route. Very smooth work again and moving along good and easy. Little work on a few wind exposed sections. And little back North back on Middle Rd for the usual return. Minor issue of one riders loose cleat -- fixed and move on. Just curios if we would still have "Batten Kill Road".... as we got around the "Swan" pond. Well, we do. A mess of small holes in town, then pretty smooth to ride. Proceeding our ride on the nice smooth rolling part of Mill Rd. Again good work and do not over do -- save it. For the return to Wading River a little scenic variation around Lake Panamoka and finishing the ride as usual on North Country.

Well done -- excellent team work today, gentleman! Like to see this soon again.

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