Sunday, April 13, 2008

Early Birds

Today, PyZahl rode again with the Early Birds, the South Route. He took a very easy spin to the start, a little chilly morning, but the sun was out. A group of about 15 took off South... a nice tail wind helped moving out east. Nice fast flight on Dune Rd... one damn stupid (blind or careless) driver of an huge red Pickup pulling out of an driveway almost in front of the fast moving pace line, however -- everything stayed under control and nothing happened, just a few upset riders at the front.
The return into the wind from the wait up after the bridge went smooth fast and steady non-stop.

Py finished the group ride with an quick stop at Starbucks Manorville, got a Tall Cappuccino and a slice of Banananutbread :-) Before he rode back home -- further into the wind, it got a little chilly, as there were a few dark clouds blocking the sun.

One more good ride day.

A little smeared out speed distribution, slow go to the start, two fast peaks of the group ride and little slower return in between.

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