Sunday, April 20, 2008

EBs North -- Birds are still the best

5:30am the radio turned on -- still quite dusky outside, no sun, heavy cold fog sitting over the island, PyZahl had a hard time getting up and turned around once more to figure if the other side of the pillow is any better. Time advanced closer to 6am... dose he really wants to ride today so early?, could do an Rocky Point Park/RCA MTB ride once again, hmmmm, he is undecided for the moment -- but got up and put some cold water in his face and prepared a Cappuccino and the regular breakfast, soft cooked egg and a good slice of his bread, one half w smoked salmon, that goes well with the egg and the other half w jelly. Checking NOAA -- early fog, 60% sky cover later, dry, highs in the 60F's. Getting ready to ride. Let's do it, birds are always most fun, in RCA he most likely would be on his own...
Just about 48F outside, very high humidity -- or better condensing water and droplets in the air (some call it fog). He rode at moderate pace towards the EBs start, almost tempted to return home, his glasses completely covered with thousands of water droplets making his sight really blurry and the fog seamed even denser.

Arriving at the starting point after 45mins, about 1/4 hour to the start. Some very early birds were already there -- inside cars. Good to see a few (new) old faces again, like thenlec.

Drying his glasses was a major improvement of his vision.

The fog came down mostly by the time. Still kinda of chilly morning compared to the day before.

They moved out North.

Py again tried to save as much energy as possible, but did not really got warm and up to speed for a long time, a little struggling at Penny Lane -- no power left in his legs, that sucks, got a little behind that "race" section but got back to the pack at the reassembly point :-) Now just hang on or in -- staying out of the wind as much as possible, as there was head wind going east. That works just fine and he even made a little pull out to the Deli in Cutchogue.

A hot Coffee and Cliff Bar got him back some energy, the stay was short, they seamed to be in some hurry today.

After quickly storing away the camera he got stalled on the wrong side of the road as there was some stupid heavy traffic just at that moment he needed to get back on, Arrrg. But the group figured the missing one and slowed to allow reassembly, thx to the birds.

The ride back was a flying one (averaging 36.9km/h), tailwind and a good group, that's always fun and he had a strong fast ride back and managed to regain some power to pull most of the group back at some good speed from Riverhead... moving at top speeds up to 45..50km/h for some sections. Getting back to the plot as the 4th or so.

Birds are still most fun, just the best ride on the Island.

Having a Cappuccino and Banananutbread at Starbucks w T for a little refuel for the last leg of the route going back home. He did not skipped his favorite WR-NC section, but was pretty much done home -- he needs a good recovery day or better two -- after over 12 hours training and over 352km since last Tuesday, only one recovery day Monday and a an easy ride to work from 465km and about 16 hours training the week before.

The Ride inclusive the to/from legs.

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  1. Thanks for the ride report and photos. It was fun riding with you and the group this morning!