Saturday, April 05, 2008

RP2IPBP2Cutchogue pre Century ride

After some longer debates and unsure weather to the last minute finally a shorter and little later start of the originally planned RP2OP Century No. 1 started out at Tildas at 10am.

Riding out on wet NC road, taking soem of the WR hills for warmup, they got quickly out to Sound Ave and waited for an expected rider at Fressh Pond, as it just was 10:30... nothing for a while, they proceeded and found him little later after Boy Scouts Hill.... They moved fast out east and especially heading South. Approaching IPBP a thick dark and wet cloud -- some condensing moisture in the air -- it looked scary and felt little cold -- at IPBP the decided to add an extra loop (proceeding on the EBs N route to the Cutchogue Deli). A good hot Coffee...

... and the Cloud disappeared and it got really nice :-)

... for the return.


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