Saturday, April 19, 2008

RP2IPBP as usual but so different

Back to usual, RP2IPBP. Summer is here, hurray.... A nice warm day, just perfect, little comfortable South Easy wind, dusty, dry and crystal clear blue sky. At 9am three riders started out from Tildas. They, M and Py, and G (was G, wasn't it? Py is so bad at names). G had a similar problem, just sounding little worse, as Py with his bike, the bottom bracket made crackling sounds while pushing hard, G seam so annoyed by it, that he just went little past
Church Hill section and bailed out back... -- it would have made it, but you never know... However, M and Py proceeded out east. On doctors they passes a few rides, and little later a bigger group and arrived at IPBP -- nice out there:

As they finished there snacks, the group also arrived at IPBP...

Little later M & Py headed for the return, it should be a fast one, as the route felt so different , almost like new and never ridden, today with wind from a completely other direction, South East, today!

The usual 88km they finished today with that nice warm South East wind in just about 2h45 from Tildas :-)

No GPS today, that toy was dead, out of battery this morning as it must have been left on over night o-(


  1. Hey, what is M looking at in the first picture???

  2. I guess that mom and kid on the beach... were some how struggling with tonns of items.... and she dropped a key into the sand... as M reminded her.