Sunday, April 27, 2008

EBs South - just back before it got messy...

After a day off the bike as Py was helping out a friend moving instead of leading the RP2IPBP ride yesterday he got out early today to get ready for the Early Birds.
A little chilly East wind and fully over casted this morning, so again long sleeves and leg warmers were needed today to be comfortable. Easy pace to the start. The group of birds grew to a decent size today. They flew out fast and worked hard on Dune Road into the wind to keep the pace up.

Py took his turns pulling, adjusting it just right worked fine, falling back to the end took some time, as the pace line counted a good number of riders... just great and fun flying today. A few drops of rain on the East End, but nothing so far of any concern. On one of his pulls toward the end three geese's occupied the road, he slowed a bit and warned the group -- two of the geese slowly waked to the left, one stayed right of the road on the green and he decided to pass in between, as this goose decided to move to the left, it got close but figured it out in last second better stay away, just touching Py's right leg gently with the end of it's wing...
But all the birds were fine and kept flying :-)
Getting close to the parking in Manorville more rain drops falling out of a few scattered local clouds and the road started being wet just as they were back. A few thoughts and Py was happy to get a dry ride back home :-) Thx!

The ride stats:

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