Saturday, April 12, 2008

RP 2 OP - Century

Planned for a while on the USCC board... questioned by the always changing April weather...

Sat, Apr 12 2008 7:37 am
Subject: Re: Extended RP2IPBP to Orient Point Century next Saturday from Rocky Point, Tildas 9am -- Sat 5th Century No1 && Sat 12th Century No2 again. SAT 12th 10am???

Right now I can hardly see my trash can in 100yds distance.... so
dense wet fog is around. Not really inviting for a longer ride. I rode
at similar or less dense fog conditions on Thursday morning, I got
quite soaked w/o any rain and my vision with glasses was not so good,
as I'd needed wipers on them...., but this day cleared up greatly. Not
so sure how today will develop:

Saturday, April 12 at 2pm
Temperature: 67°F Dewpoint: 55°F Wind Chill: N/A Surface
Wind: SW 15mph
Sky Cover: 64% Precipitation Potential: 25% Relative Humidity: 65%
Thunder: Slight Chance (10%-20%) Rain: Chance (30%-50%)
Snow: <10%>

There is nothing "big dogs" like on the radar, what is good.

What do you all think? I's is and will get really warm.

Do we want to meet at 10am again and see find out how it is

Three of the USCCs, C, M & Py meet at Tildas, it was still all wet, no rain, a few scattered rays of sun made it and felt nice and warm, Py decided due to the expected "warm" (for the season) and muggy weather to ride with shorts and short sleeved jersey, it was just fine going out east on a ad-hoc made up route with an nice tail wind, they did a good steady moving pace and arrived after just little over two hours at the Point -- the weather was fine all the way out, they took a few scenic "avoid the sound ave" detours -- however, as they arrived a big scary dark cloud showed up and a few thick droplets of rain and a little thunder hit the Point... this was just a second before the rain hit and they found a little shelter at the unfortunately closed Deli at the Orient Ferry:

So they waited until the rain seamed to stop....

... looking for the Point restaurant -- also still closed. An attempt to ride a little out the the Orient State Park was stopped by one more hit of some scary lightening and one more poor down, by the time the road was almost flooded. One more wait under the shelter of State Park entrance hut... The rain tapered a bit, so what, a few more drops from top were almost insignificant compared to the water spray from the wheels in front -- they raced TT like to Greenport looking forward to a hot Coffee and some Sandwiches:

Here, in a nice Coffee shop they warmed up and refueled, that was perfect -- sorry, we may left some wet butt prints, will dry :-)

And by the time the rain stopped and the sun came back out a bit again, low fog from evaporating water on the roads developed...

Moving on back west, they experienced some head wind, but not too bad, some work was to be done...

Returning on the south side of the North fork towards Cutchogue. Py insisted on taking the EBs N route back from there. That worked just fine, little shelter from the wind, mostly dry roads from here. A few more thick rain droplets, but nothing of any real concern. At Riverhead they took 24 and then River Road and back to Wading River. And no no no we are not cutting short on 25A, retuning on NC to RP.

Back. Done. Good job! Just 5 hours moving time and a total of little over 6 hours for 166.6km or a good Century.

The ride:

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