Sunday, December 28, 2008

flying and dying

One more wet day. But the rain stopped early in the morning, high humidity, fairly warm temperatures up to almost 14C, very strong gusty winds. He though about Trevors, but around 6:30 lurking out of the door, all was soaking wet, did not looked any good nor safe to ride in a fast group. Py does not know if any one went out today, likely a few, but never know.

Little later in the morning the sun was taking a peak at times and he could impossibly stay one more day indoors and prepared for a ride, not yet sure how far, just get out.

Minor roads were still wet, but not too bad, and a warm strong tail wind almost made him feeling hot. But this was the only nice thing about that day, it was warm. OK, flying out east silently at 40km/h not feeling any wind, well that is pretty nice -- but there will be a return.

This was about the end of the flight east and one of the nice sunny moments -- he almost got blown away taking that photos.

A mix of cross and head winds with strong gusts for the next leg of the ride, as he decided to go South on Doctors and head towards Mill skipping the out and backtrack part to IPBP.

On a few open sections it was quite some hard work to keep moving and he felt like dying even in the small ring...

A little snack stop here

and still some long way back.

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