Saturday, December 27, 2008

Out of service after 20'000 km

are going Py's worn Speedplay cleats. Here as they (and the shoes) were brand new, this image was taken Jan 14th 2007 / bike odometer 10'100 km:

and today as they were send into retirement Dec 27th 2008 / bike odometer 29'802 km:

... going to the bike parts junk yard/box.

And the new replacements:

Do not trust your mechanic saying he can do it with his screwdriver in fingers only -- he may or may not get close to the specified 35 inch pounds, but no one has a torque wrench in his fingers. Do it right once and ride away in confidence.

A quick indoor hop on the bike test after having the applied dry wax lube settled in and dried revealed a very nice all new again feeling. Smooth and precise, easy operating :-)

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