Thursday, December 25, 2008

the "j" crew ride dec 25

Christmas Day ride on December 25th 2008. A special day, with exceptional nice and for the season warm air, just little windy, but that was good, as it dried off most of the rain on the roads of the night, also the warm weather front took care of removing almost all of the ice of the last weekend.

On special invitation, well, little attention pointed Py this day to a "casual 35mi B+ ride" starting at SUNY. This in mind, he added two times 17mi, his part of the ride to the group ride start.

A nice mix of riders gathered at the SUNY RR parking lot.

En route one more rider joined in... here looking at the lens:

Always welcome, a new route once in a while, they went out South towards the LIE, here Marc having a snack, while waiting little up for rejoin as the group got a bit stretched on a slight incline....

So Py had a few photo options.... :-)

A great day and even better ride, some fun options for sprints on a few great rolling terrain sections to get moving.

Alright, back home he added 13 new WP points :-)

Here is the ride track:

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