Tuesday, December 09, 2008

RRL solo & little dreaming

Today the Island slowly warmed up from yesterdays cold front, reading -8C on Monday morning, with changing wind direction to South (=warm+wet soon...) it was still about 0C at the morning today, but around noon it got up to almost 7C and still rising with strong South winds.

Py was tempted to ride to the Camp today, but the forecast called for rain setting in from 4..5p, wet + dark = too much no fun, so he stowed the bike in his car and opted for the RRL once more. Seam one one else was ready for it and he had to go out solo today. Strong South wind, what meant most of the time cross wind for his route out east and return via Mill. Moving out strong and fast, he got a little slower on his return, but still, made the 35km loop in an hour and one minute -- counting time from the North Gate, a total of 41km including the slower sections on site, giving a total time of 5 WP points.

a nice toy, may be he should put it on his Santa's wish list..........

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