Sunday, December 07, 2008

Second time, no Trevors for Py

Saturday night snow showers set in, light frost, about an inch accumulation, a icy, dirty, wet mess on the roads -- not safe, no fun for a road ride. Also trails were most likely in a better not ride on condition -- no good for the trails and for the material.

Around noon Py needed to get some fresh air and took the Humwee bike out for a few local laps, this is rock salt, no ice

Here a dramatic view of the Sound

This is the last 2/3 of the multi-level gradient climb on one of his laps, starting at about 15m elevation goes strait up to about 60m and winds around up to 75metes at it's "peak". Not bad for LI and just around the block.

Here we also get a short single trail fun part to play on up and down...

And a view of the beach of the North Shore Sound at Friendship -- who wants to swim there now anyhow, snow on the beach and a freak'n cold wind blowing.

Not to bad for an one hour "hill" workout and about 600m accumulated elevation gain - 4 little tiny points only today :-(

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