Tuesday, December 23, 2008

RRL - Relativistic Ride Lunch

Quick RRL at the Camp. With temperatures and wind back to acceptable levels from a gusty storm with temps as low as -8C it got to moderate wind and just -2C with clear sky today and Py decided to stay save on side -- as there were just unbelievable many unpredictable black ice spots on the roads.

With a full snowed out weekend and missed WP points, some ride was due -- the sign says training, right -- here we start?

So he scouted out one lap for safe conditions around the RHIC, a 3.1km road layed out in a perfect circle.

... and it's going around and around and around ...

.. and around ...

A lap to scout it out, a lap for warm up and a few photos, a lap to go for... up to almost relativistic speeds.... (may be some time) -- it's made for it o-)
Two more laps full warp ahead, one for little recovery and a couple more to go -- he got a total of 10 laps, a total of 37km and got 5WP points.

Funny looking ride track....

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