Sunday, December 14, 2008

Trevors #4 - skipped three, one WLSCC race Weekend, two wash/ice outs

Was good getting back in one more Trevors ride this Sunday. The early morning was icy cold with about -3..-4C and still very low sitting mostly hiding sun, little wind only, that was good. Py knew it would warm up very soon, but there was no choice, this warm layer need to go on now at 7:30. Moving out at 7:37, shortly before turning into Columbus he meet Karl, arriving together at 8:12 at the PJeff meeting location. The air was already getting warmer out there. The "B" group was about to leave... But Py had plenty of time until the A group was about to go, just a few were already there.

Taking off one layer and leaving it in the car of one of the Kreb guys, was a wise decision -- would have been too much warmth.

About at 8:32 they moved out of the lot slowly picking up speed and getting warm. Py took it easy, just one pull up the hill to the Duck Pond (Mt. Sinai?). Shortly after turning into Lower Rocky Point Rd Owen flatted... and it took a while until he was ready to roll again...

Waiting for the flat getting fixed, they just got warm and moving well... too bad.

From there they were moving until a short reassembly wait stop on top of Little Flower and kept moving all the way out east and back non stop -- well, a few lights needed to be observed. Some work into the wind going South, then pretty easy fly back "home" going North and a little sprint up and back to PJeff.

A good Coffee & Bagel break before heading back home was nice....

That done, 119km, 3h45 (need one more extra lap to make the 15WP Pts full) -- breaking the 200 Pts boundary with that today :-)

Ride stats -- average of 34.7km/h for the group ride part:

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