Saturday, December 13, 2008

RP2IPBP - the first little taste of arctic riding

This Saturday back to the RP2IPBP ride. A late start, as the morning was really cold. Py meet C at Tildas at 11, and quickly realized his vastly vented helmet and the thin hat below barely covering his ears was not sufficient, still being in RP they made a little detour via Py's home and exchanged it with his snowboard helmet with nice cosy ear covers and no (closed) venting holes.
Best decision of the day so far :-) Proceeding around the block taking his favorite climb for some warm up attempts... moving out of RP on NC as usual. One more rider showed up on the way and was hanging on, so they moved out to IPBP together. Nice pace.

Some wind helped going south, but most of the time just felt icy cold in the face. Here at IPBP:

The return was some hard work with a good head wind component at prolonged times... Nice day, good ride. Just cold. C looks a bit stiff frozen here...

Back in RP at just little over 3 hours, 96km, one more lap for Py to make the 13 WPpts.

[[added link to GPS data, inconsitency: GPS moving time=3h13 -- ole computer=3h19]]


  1. looks like a good ride. Too cold for me though!

  2. Yeah was cold but just OK, good so we started late... -- about close to the limit of my available layering system...

    See you tomorrow, should be/get warmer :-)