Saturday, July 30, 2011

RP2IPBP+WRDK -- take a guess what this is

Back to the old local route -- 5 days to the ToC. Just a few riders at the start. Felt like it's going to be a fairly warm day with a little wind, pretty nice. En route four more riders joined after the warm up hills... Good cruising out East with a bit of an tail wind support. A little temporary disorder in the "small" field, well -- all what really helps is to ramp up speed and they all line up ;-) Iron Pear Beach park snack and bathroom stop -- they are now finally open :-) Top off water... and return.


Good job by James at the end climbing the baby Devil at the WR Pond and following my wheel all the way back ;-) Good ride every one!

You got it -- what is "+WRDK"?

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