Thursday, July 21, 2011

Adirondacks Day 5 - Thursday - Lake Placid IRM/ITT Loop

Lake Placid Ironman Loop. Remote ride start in Lake Placid, mixing into several TT riders pre riding the TT lap of the Lake Placid Ironman happening this following Sunday. A quite hot day, a strong wind, a great start into the loop with tail winds and down hill flying at speeds up to 50mph leaving some TT riders behind..... fun. Easy 40k in under an hour this way even on a regular Road Bike! But wait -- the loop is not yet finished. Heading to the out and back part and pulling the group back up at good speed, then climbing up some hill and finally hitting a bad bad bad a** hot gusty head wind on rolling terrain.


busy busy and a lot of expositions already on display


Pizza dinner.

On the return exploring some of the so inviting looking lakes -- a great swim and refreshing fun, but far from cold, just perfect!


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