Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tour of the Catskills Stage 2 Pre Ride -- The Devil awaits

Devils Kitchen. Sounds scary? To be figured out.

Sunday morning -- start of one more Summer vacation or 7 days of riding and climbing the Adirondacks. But before getting all the way up state a stop at the Catskills park to pre ride the ToC stage 2 featuring the (in) famous devils kitchen. A pretty nice ride on mostly remote roads. A decent warm up climb, fun down hills and pretty rolling terrain a long flat until at mile 56 a gentle climb initiated the final climb to the KOM on top of Devils Kitchen. A real beast -- total climb about 500m in 6km, but wait -- 400m of that are covered in just 2.5km steepening up to 25% briefly with short "recovery" repeats of 12% recovery and 20..25% steeps. No need to say any more -- hurts.

The story in thumbnails -- intermediate stop to ride the ToC S2, together with Dan following my wheel.


.... Water or any stores en route seam rare -- finally located a Campground store for a really needed water refill break before approaching the Devil ....


Here a few photos taken later:


Arriving at the Adirondacks house and dinner:


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