Sunday, July 10, 2011

Early Birds North -- lost battle with my wheel or rim

Trouble, just a trouble some ride with no return on two wheels. Starting out as usual, well, almost -- not the usual bike but the commuter bike... opted for the regular road bike and not the TT bike for the "bigger" group ride today. About half way to the start rolling over some bumpy road and shortly after a suspicious hissing and seconds after rolling already on the rim. OK, enough time to fix that -- conveniently he had his real pump on this bike a spare tube and even a box of patches -- this should usually do it.

Taking the tire of on one side and replacing the tube he wondered already a bit why the side wall was so sticky on the rim but did not checked further -- just made sure the tire is clean of debris and the tube well tucked in. This went fairly quick, may be not a "Moviestar" wheel change but OK.

Getting to Manorville in good time. Fine. A nice group showed up, looked like a decent mix but nothing crazy today coming up. Nice riding... until his read end got all sudden flat again on Reeves Av. Weird, nothing really happened. Run out of tubes, so he was happy to get on from a buddy... fixed again. Getting worried about it. And yes, some thing is wrong, badly wrong. Few miles later on Sound again, short hiss and flat, stuck. Sure, this time the field keeps going -- OK with that -- and big thanks to a few friend staying and trying to help out. Now he had to have a look at the whole thing, the tube got massive cuts on the "inside" to the rim.

A closer look -- photo later:


On this rims he used a self adhesive rim tape -- this obviously should be centered over the spoke holes, but it moved and the sharp edges of a total of 5 holes!!! got exposed to the tube -- no good. At the 3rd fat stop as he realized the trouble he put the few sticky patches he had over the holes -- no patch left but all holes covered and a new tube again -- this hold up for a mere few more miles and also those were cut -- yikes.


Attempts to put an old tube below kind of failed, nothing else useful at hand, a roll of duct tape would have done the trick, but he did not had this in his pockets.

Giving up and waiting for John L. who thankfully offered to come back and give him a ride home.


What way to spend such a nice day.... but better a mechanical issue than any crash -- right?

Py is sorry for the inconveniences and very thankful for the help by Rick, Dan, Kev and John L. in particular!!

Py is just wondering if this was plain random to happen today with this wheel/rim or if eventually the "unusual" stress for the wheel of the last Friday Night Race and going always in circles (Py hates going in circles either way, still, yes!!) is to blame?? However, this kind of tape is not going to be use any time again.

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