Friday, July 08, 2011

Kreb Cycle Friday Night Series Race -- no data

Friday evening Py was prepared to race and got his old Tarmac and gear but also his Camera some what thinking of just taking pictures of the race -- his Pino still out of order with send in for warranty repair 11-speed shifter.

A few Pre race scenes:


... until GAB Karl arrived and Py decided he can not let Karl race alone ... and last minute signed up and got ready to roll. There was a some rain moving in from West, but just a few drops so far. Not much time left to warm up, just one lap around to the start and off they went. Py not yet any where near warmed up and energy conversion fired up to full efficiency -- a little playing in front. It was only a small A field of some 12..13 riders, so not place to hide for the lazy guys. Great. Early some where at lap 2..3 a break consisting of the few CAT2/3 guys took off -- Myles (Kissena), Karl (GAB) and Robert (Toga?). A little gap and a little broken up field behind not working right -- Py made a big move to at least get back on to the front of the chase group -- working hard, but not getting them. A TTT like chase group of initially 5 riders, then 4, three and finally just Paul and Py left with 4 laps to go out of 18. Slowly Py got awake and moving -- after a little suffering in between while getting to speed. Finishing the last laps with strong long fast pulls, brief rotations with Paul, killing it all the way to the end with a tight sprint Paul just getting a few inches coming around. Good workout -- would have been interesting to get power numbers tonight -- but no data recording attached to this bike.

And how great, Karl won! Great job.

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