Sunday, July 03, 2011

Early Birds South in 2h14 - tempo - nice SW breeze

Early Birds South this Sunday. Leaving again 6:30 riding towards Manorville as usual. Catching up on 2 random riders on 25A, Mike driving past by.... early at the start. The forecast called for a chance of rain starting from 10am -- but the radar looked like it will pass by or at least hold off little longer.

A good sized group of 25..30 riders showed up -- nice!

A steady good tempo developed and was kept up, this time Dune Rd was fast fun including the bridge with this slight South West tail wind today.

Taking a few snap shots at 30+mph....


Little close encounter for a few riders with a Porsche on Dune Rd as both went close to the yellow line, a puddle for the Porsche and bad road for the riders on right...

Waiting for every one -- the usual reassembly after the bridge. And proceeding, flying around the Southport area taking a few good fun pulls out there. And fast move to the Seven-Eleven stop. Heading back. Fast "field sprint" to the finish, moving up to the front in two big moves and all the way to the parking.

EBs S in 2h14 -- what is an average of 37.2km/h or 23.1 mph.

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